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Good Foods List

Page Food Plan Dr. Chris Recommends this to all of his patients

Holistic Health Coach

Make sure you watch the videos in the free member section under the heading Online Seminar Video Library

1. Nutrition From The Masters

2. The Healthiest and Most Successful year of Your Life

3. Cholesterol Myths

4. Acid Reflux Alternatives

5. Losing Weight The Healthy Way

6. Training Of Elite Athletes

7. Dr. Weston Price

8. Pottenger’s Cats

ON NETFLIX: Its a free 1 month membership so I strongly urge you to watch these videos.

1. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

2. The Gerson Miracle

3. Food inc.

This form is for office use to begin the patient education process. if for some reason you are a patient in the office and you have not received any emails or updates regarding your care in the office then please feel free to add yourself to the list.