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The Best Massage Therapy Techniques In the World Available in Liverpool and Greater Syracuse Area

Almost Everyone loves a good massage. Some people like it for relaxation purposes and to rejuvenate the body. Other, including athletes use it to recover from workouts or even recover from injuries. There are many things people need to know when deciding on a particular form a soft tissue therapy.

What is your purpose for the massage? If you have something specific to work on (pain, discomfort, injury etc.), then we have the best available soft tissue techniques and therapies offered anywhere around. Hydromassage, Active Release Technique (ART), Graston Technique, Lymphatic Drainage, and percussor, are just a few of the many modalities we use. We offer the leading treatments sought after by top elite athletes. The best available in the world. You can certainly read more about each individual technique below and then to the right of this page in much more detail. Please feel free to call the office if you have any other specific questions about yourself and issues you are dealing with or would like to make an appointment.

Scar Tissue

Scar tissue is the natural way the body heals itself from either the most major of injuries, to the smallest of repetitive injuries. Even the injuries and micro-fiber tearing of muscles from working out or lifting weights are tiny injuries that healing with scar tissue as part of the healing process. This scar tissue can decrease range of motion, increase achiness or pain, and decrease blood flow, further slowing the overall healing time. Properly breaking up this scar tissue through the use of ART and Graston, is the Gold Standard of dealing with these types of musculoskeletal problem. The scar tissue can even push on nerves and cause numbness, weakness or even weakness of the muscles involved. We have the ability to clear this up quickly and keep you at your best.

Deep Tissue Massage

One of my favorite things is a great deep tissue massage. Fortunately, the use of ART and Graston allows the practitioner to get very deep into the muscles, scar tissue and fascia of the body. The fascia is like a suit of ligamentous like tissue surrounding the entire body. Now picture this suit being 5 sizes too small for you. This can lead to pain, decreased range of motion, and extreme fatigue due to how inefficient the biomechanical processes of the body have become. Your general massage almost never really works deep enough to work on your fascial system the way Active Release Technique or Graston would be able to.


This is one of my favorite additions to the office. This is a high powered, heated water jet massage system. I’ve had many patients say they would choose this over the more typical types of massage any day. Nobody has to take off their clothes, nobody has the hands of another person on them, and you have 100% control over where the time is spent on your body. The best part is that its so inexpensive, you could have this done on a weekly schedule, and it won’t break any bank accounts. In fact you could come in every week and it still be less than the cost of going to one massage therapy session with a massage therapist. Don’t get me wrong, they all have benefit, however, the Hydromassage table allows you to have some real consistency and ongoing benefits, that is just as effective in most cases and much less expensive. The best thing I can recommend is that you come try it for yourself FREE of charge for your first time on the Hydromassage table. I know you will love it and want to come back for more.

Active Release Technique

Please do yourself the favor and click on the link to the ART page, or go directly to the page on the right. ART is truly the highest level, Gold Standard for treating your soft tissue injuries of any kind. I can’t speak highly enough about it, or recommend it more strongly. I’ve been able to take people out of pain who have been in pain for 30 or more years within just a few visits, and kept patients from surgeries that their surgeon said was their only option. This is why it is the most sought after treatment by professional athletes and why some of the biggest companies in the country have hired ART doctors to come into their businesses to treat their employees. I personally have 2 corporate contracts with Pepsi and Ingersoll Rand. Other ART doctors have contract with places like Sun Micro Systems, Tropicana, GE, and many others, because they see the value and how much money they are saving by keeping their employees out of pain and injury free. You can also read more about it on the official ART website.

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