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Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Goodheart was the founder of Applied Kinesiology. He was one of the greatest doctors to ever walk the planet. Between himself and the many doctors he taught, they have gone n to heal countless people from health problems that no other doctors were able to help.

Dr. Goodheart was actually the very first chiropractor to be on the 1980 Olympic Medical Team. Not a position you get without being an amazing doctor and being able to heal people quickly.

Dr. Chris has followed in Dr. Goodheart’s footsteps and not only studied and specialized in the works of Applied Kinesiology, but now teaches it to doctors all over the world. Now doctors from all professionals and specialties from around the world use the diagnostic and treatment procedures to help their patients heal.

The genius of Dr. Goodheart was 2 fold. First, he studied from the best healers and doctors in the world and was able to synthesize that information into a systematic approach to helping people. Secondly, he had an amazing ability to take information he learned and figure out ways to apply it to help people. He takes everything doctors learn in anatomy, biochemistry, neurology, immunology, pathology, biomechanics, psychology etc, and brings it alive in ways that allows us to apply it to help more people that even before. He sees connections that other people have yet to make, and changed healing and medicine forever. Please watch the video below. Its an hour introduction that goes into more depth about Applied Kinesiology and Holistic Medicine in general.

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