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Holistic Doctor In Syracuse & Liverpool NY Region

Dr. Chris is the Quintessential Holistic Doctor in the Greater Syracuse Area. Dr. Chris teaches holistic medicine, testing and treatment procedures to doctors of all professions from all over the world. Sometimes going to a specialist is absolutely necessary. Sometimes the specialist can get such a narrow focus from their point of view that they lose site of the big picture. Like in Marry Poppins, when they say, “Can’t see past the end of their nose.”

In no way is this meant to undermine the importance of a specialist. This does however show the need for a specialist who can see the big picture and put all the pieces together. See the connections that nobody else has seen or put together. This is exactly what Dr. Chris does for his patients. Doctors from all over the world study from Dr. Chris in how to do this and think this way.

Typically Dr. Chris can make these connections and explain them in a way that is simple and makes sense to everyone. And to be truly Holistic, Dr. Chris actually does address the ENTIRE body and ALL of its functions. Many health professionals claim to be holistic, yet still seem to look through their narrow view-box. Chiropractors adjust, Acupuncturists put needles in, Nutritionist give nutrition, Massage therapist use soft tissue techniques, and on and on. Imagine seeing 1 practitioner who has studied from many of the best doctors in the world, who knows when and where to apply all of these wonderful treatment options because its what you need and not just because its all he knows.

It’s so frustrating when many health practitioners blow off treatments and therapies as “Not Scientific” when they themselves have not taken the time to study the science and research the latest and greatest options available. Patients often ask their primary doctor about nutrition and supplements for example. Often times they are told not to take them and there is no scientific rationale for using them. They only practice “Evidence Based Medicine.” Dr. Chris can usually offer piles of Science Basis for what he does in the office. The problem is many of these doctors never go outside the box to study things beyond what they were taught in school. Its not that there is no evidence, its just that they have not taken the time to study it, and often use that as an excuse to tell patients no. How Frustrating is that?

This is why Dr. Chris has created his entirely new site Not A Doc In The Box. It’s to teach doctors the science and evidence to treatments, procedures, diagnostics, and therapies that are often much less invasive, holistic and health promoting, then what they learned in school.

Please feel free to check out that new site. When its complete, it’ll have an entire directory of doctors throughout the USA and beyond who have specifically trained to think outside the box, and thirst for knowledge on how to help more and more of their patients. It contains 1000’s of hours of seminar materials for doctors to consume.

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