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Imagine A Psychologist With Alternatives To Medication

Going to see a psychologist or any other doctors for mental health can be helpful for many people. There is no question that life can be frustrating, lonely, saddening, and filled with moments of anxiety and depression. I would like to first and foremost point out that all of these emotions are normal and healthy. When you are overworked, and have deadlines to meet, the normal response is the emotion of anxiety and stress. When a close loved one or friend dies, the normal response is some degree of depression. For some reason, popular media and advertising Lead people to believe that being 100% happy, joyful, and blissful, is how we should feel all the time. They then lead you to believe that if you ever feel any of the negative emotions in your life, that you require their medication in order to help you. There are, without a doubt, many people who benefit from mood altering medications. There are, however, many people prescribe medications that they do not need, and can be very harmful. Many of these medications can be extremely dangerous. Take for example, medications for anxiety and depression. One of the many side effects that are most prevalent for coming off of these medications is actually suicide.

Emotional Fitness

Many people lack what I like to call emotional fitness. On the scale of emotional fitness, a 10 out of 10 would be equal to the individual that can handle anything that life throws at them and they continue on with strength, will, and determination. They are not distracted or flustered buy life circumstances. A zero out of 10 on this scale, would equate to the patient whose emotional fitness is more fragile, and could burst into tears or rage at a moments notice, for what appears to be what most people would consider a nonsignificant event or problem. The beauty of emotional fitness, is that it can be trained like any muscle. Even something as simple as starting the day off singing at the top of your lungs to your favorite music, or watching motivational or inspirational video clips on YouTube, can be a much more uplifting way to start the day, than starting up your day waking up to a blaring alarm clock and having to fill out your bills. The beginning of your day can set the tone for the entire rest of the day and how you respond to all of life’s many challenges that will be thrown at you. You can train yourself to be in a peak state, and the more negative emotions and negative circumstances will bounce off you and not affect you in such a negative way.

I have included some of my favorite video clips that are very short, yet profoundly inspirational that many of my patient’s have enjoyed using to start their day. I would recommend watching one or more of these videos every single day. It will increase your emotional fitness, help you enjoy life at a much higher level, and not let life stresses burden you to the highest degree.


There also many techniques at the disposal of an Applied Kinesiologist, such as myself, to help people who have psychiatric type disorders, and emotional problems. If you look above to the tab entitled, “counselor,” you’ll find more in-depth explanations of some of these techniques and modalities that we use in the office. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are absolutely critical to your overall health, and represents 33% of the entire picture of your health. Any healthcare provider ignoring this crucial component to your health, could never possibly help you attain your highest level of health in your life.


The beauty of some of these psychological, emotional, and spiritual techniques is how swiftly, and holistically they can help people with this category of issues and their health. Instead of having to sit on a couch and talking for 10 years about your problems, many times one or a few sessions utilizing these more holistic techniques, can help you to overcome your many concerns and emotional upsets in a very short period of time. The other beauty to using these techniques is that there are no negative side effects when compared to the potential negative side effects involved with medicating emotional and psychological health concerns. The other incredible thing to note about these techniques is that if they don’t help you with your concerns to a satisfactory level, all of the other medications are still available for you to use when and if necessary. You will have lost nothing and possibly gain control over your health by taking a step outside of traditional therapy and come in with an open mind. Many of my patients absolutely love coming into the office, fully knowing that they can unload all their emotional stresses and feel lighter, happier, at ease and peace with their life again on a consistent basis.