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Obstetrics & Natural Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

There is probably not a more perfect patient for a chiropractor than a woman who is expecting to deliver a baby. The amount of physical, nutritional, and emotional stresses that a pregnant woman must endure for 10 months, and even beyond delivery, is a perfect reason why all pregnant women should regularly be seen by a chiropractor.

The combination of significantly loosened ligaments, and the increased weight load on the body due to the baby, can easily cause low back pain. All three of the chiropractic tables that we use in the office were specifically designed to allow pregnant women to be able to lay face down comfortably so that the baby is completely safe during the entire treatment while pregnant. Most pregnant women who come into the office, find it a luxury to finally be able to lay face down for the 30 minutes or an hour that they are in the office. We want all of our pregnant patients to be as absolutely comfortable as possible, because any stresses of pain felt by the mother, are also stresses that the baby will feel. The stress hormones that the mother will be producing will absolutely be circulating and effecting the baby.

Environmental Stress Of Developing Baby

A baby, while developing inside of mom, has no other choice but to develop within the environment provided by mom. If there is a lot of yelling, screaming, financial stress, relationship stress, or even physical pain, the baby has to develop in a very stressful environment. When a baby develops in the stressful environment much more blood is directed to the midbrain or hindbrain as it is often called. This is the part of the brain that all animals have, and why all animals other than humans and a fight or flee response. When animals are backed into a corner they will fight to survive. These animals that are constantly under stress will typically developed stronger physically to deal with the stressful conditions. Is not it is important to understand that when these babies there developing under significant stress and much of the blood is being directly to growing the hindbrain, there is lot much less energy being directed for developing the frontal cortex, which is what we use for higher-level thinking. With two children growing up the news opposite environment while developing inside the mother, and later these children growing up in the exact same environment, the child with the more stressful development will likely have many more behavioral issues and likely not do as well as school.

Pregnancy & Nutrition

I strongly recommend that you take the time to listen to all of the videos and read everything on under the tab for nutrition above. Almost all prenatal vitamins that are prescribed by obstetricians are synthetic, and ultimately dangerous for many reasons that I outlined in these videos. There is absolutely critical nutrition that must be ingested by mom to allow for the development of the baby, however, this supplementation must not be taking in the form of synthetic vitamins and minerals. It is through food, and concentrated food, that these nutrients will be most available, most effective, and safest to be used for both mom and baby. As a specialist in the field of nutrition, I do believe that even the best diet in the world must be supplemented. Mother nature always make sure that the baby gets everything it can possibly get or need from mom. If mother has only very moderate or low-level of particular nutrients, the baby will get them at the expense of mom.

Sometimes these nutritional deficiencies won’t necessarily show up in the first child. Often, it is the mother who ends up in a severe postpartum depression that suffers from the nutritional deficiencies. Her adrenals are significantly taxed as well from the stresses that her body has to undergo during the pregnancy and afterwards, when mom enjoys the many fun surprises of becoming and first-time parent. It is quite common that during the second pregnancy, mom will have such adrenal exhaustion, that she will actually do quite well as the baby is developing. She can survive and live off of the baby adrenal gland function. These children are often under significant adrenal stress, and often have asthma and respiratory issues, and seem to start life being undersized and underweight, and get sick frequently.

In primitive societies, they eat no processed and refined foods. Even with these diets, that are absolutely incredible, the individuals of childbearing years eat the best of the best food available. This ensures that each generation is able to have the best fighting chance of being as strong and healthy as possible and sustaining that society. I strongly urge all of my patients who wish to have children in the near future to spend several months eating an impeccable diet, and loading their bodies with as much nutrition as possible.

 Webster Breech Technique

There is also a very important technique that all obstetricians and all pregnant mothers should be aware of. This technique is a chiropractic technique that has a 95% success rate at naturally helping a breech baby turn before delivery so that a cesarean section is either not needed or can help avoid a very dangerous breech delivery. The procedure is very simple through simple manipulation of the sacrum and broad ligament in the back of the uterus, and the round ligament in the front of the uterus, bus relieving the toy version on the uterus that is preventing the baby from being able to flip naturally on its own. This procedure is painless, them will often save many comp occasions. If a pregnant woman is receiving proper chiropractic care by a chiropractor who knows how to utilize the Webster breach technique, I breach baby should be something that the mother never has to worry about. If however the baby is determined to be breached very late in the pregnancy there is still a high possibility that this technique will also work and highly recommended that is given a try often the baby will turn either in the office or within a few hours afterwards. The technique may be needs needed to be used to a three times. The beauty of using this technique is that there are no negative side effects, and even if it is unsuccessful balloting to turn a breech baby, nothing has been lost and the baby will still be delivered by cesarean section.


Having a cesarean section is sometimes absolutely necessary, however, not the healthiest while most natural means of delivery. Some of the complications that a baby can have by having the cesarean sections can include respiratory problems due to all of the mucus and fluid that was not squeezed out of the lungs and sinuses while traveling through the birth canal during natural childbirth. There is also a critical cranial motion of all the cranial bonds that must be set into motion while traveling through the birth canal. When the baby is delivered through Syrian section the cranial bones are not properly moving in motion, and will require the special talents of a trained practitioner and craniosacral therapy in order to properly manipulate the bones of the cranium so that they are properly pumping cerebrospinal fluid throughout the entire nervous system. All of our doctors in the office have been specifically trained and craniosacral therapy so that we can be of significant help in these types of cases.


Even after delivery the mother will be undergoing significant strain on the body as she is lifting, carrying, feeding, intending to every need of the child. Is quite often that mom lab a significant reduction in sleep, a significant increase in tension of the neck shoulders and arms, and a continued low back pain from the stresses of carrying around the baby. Continued chiropractic care can help alleviate all of these plans and make what should be one of the happiest times of a parent’s life that much more enjoyable.


It is actually quite intriguing to me seeing firsthand the connection between mother and child. I’ve seen countless times when I have adjusted a mother who is in pain or relieve their pain and some other way and instantly of hysterical and crying baby completely stops crying and is perfectly content. It as if the baby either knows on comfortable mom is or because of the direct connection can actually feel the discomfort themselves, and once it is relieved they too are also relieved.


Without laboring over the subject I think it will be wise to look at some of the research of children growing up in the more natural, holistic family children have been shown through peer-reviewed gold standard research that they have significant last year infections, and require significantly less antibiotics throughout their childhood. Coming into office and seeing one of our chiropractors, did not necessarily mean you are your child will never be sick again, but it does mean that we can play a crucial role in helping you and your family be as healthy as absolutely possible. Many of our patients bring in their entire families as the first health care provider that they see whether it’s for pain or one of their children is developing the sniffles or even a temperature.


I obviously did I have the time or space in this particular article to discuss every single childhood sickness and how we would go about treating it naturally in the office, but I would like to specifically talk about fever’s. The number one symptom of an can ingest the calcium make the one biochemical change that needs to take place to form calcium bicarbonate and thus naturally reduce the fever that had nothing to do whatsoever with a bacterial or viral infection. Even a fever that reaches all hundred and three or 104° can easily be because of teething and all the calcium going to the T. This is just one simple example of how we can help you and your family and a natural and holistic way by understanding the processes involved with the immune system and what the body is trying to accomplish and we can support those things naturally in many cases without the necessity of medications. There are absolutely times when medications are needed and we will always make sure that we at on the side of caution. This is why so many families come to our office, because they know that they will get the highest level holistic and natural healthcare available and also know that of their current health issues are beyond the scope of natural or holistic therapy that we will make sure that they get the proper care that they need as quickly as possible. Developing their teeth is a fever. While the teeth are coming in and developing the body’s resources of calcium are being utilized at a high level to help these processes. It is during these times that a child that is even moderately deficient in calcium and all of their calcium is being utilized for bone development that these fevers will develop. Most people do not understand that calcium is the gasoline that sparks and drives the entire immune system from functioning. Often, supplying adequate levels of calcium bicarbonate will significantly reduce a fever and a very short period of time. You only problem is there are no true dietary sources of calcium bicarbonate. The next most available sports of calcium is calcium lactate. And office we have a powdered form of calcium lactate that can easily be stirred in to any breast milk water or juice family compared to children raised and the allopathic, medical, pharmaceutically oriented family.


If what you’re looking for is the healthiest family, natural healthcare, and the most physical and health advantages that you can give to your family that we strongly urge that you come into the office with your family on a regular basis so that we can provide the highest level care that is available in the area. Children absolutely love chiropractic care and know and understand their bodies better than you could possibly realize. As a chiropractor, that puts a smile on my face every time my daughter walks up to me slightly tugging her ear asking me to adjust her ear for her at even 13 months of age. She knows it will adjust her ears, relieve any potential fluid in the eustachian tube and take pressure off of her ears that she may be feeling. I am positive that this is avoided many are infections while she has been developing and growing up. As you and your family come in regularly your children will be able to tell you exactly when something is off or not right and that they need to hear the chiropractor to take care of it. You’ll probably actually be brought to laughter when you find your child searching on the Internet for the phone number to the chiropractor so they could make their own appointment when they know something is wrong. Children respond incredibly quickly to chiropractic care they can bounce back from injury and illness very rapidly. We urge you to call the office, ask any questions or consult with us on any and all ways that we could potentially help you and your family throughout your lifetime.