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Holistic Alternatives To many Dental Problems

It’s actually quite interesting, to consider going to see a chiropractor for what seems to be a case for a dentist. Most people would not actually think of going to any other types of doctors for these issues. Interestingly, applied kinesiology has a long history of helping people with TMJ and dental problems. There was one particular time when Dr. Goodheart and Janet Travell were teaching and demonstrating in front of a conference room filled with dentists. They were able to demonstrate fixing the biomechanics and TMJ pain in front of the entire room using techniques taught in applied kinesiology. More recently, the international conference of applied kinesiology, held their yearly conference at Tufts dental school in Boston, MA. The entire weekend had health professionals from around the world discussing alternative therapies for helping many common TMJ and teeth problems.


The TMJ is a very complex joint, and requires the synergistic cooperation of many muscles working in the proper sequences. It is very interesting to note that many other health concerns and pains, including severe headaches, can be directly attributed to a dysfunction in the TMJ. Fixing these problems requires not only proper alignment and movement of the TMJ, but also a very concise balance and functioning of all the muscles surrounding the joint. It is through applied kinesiology that we are able to determine the exact treatment on each specific muscle surrounding the TMJ that needs to be utilized. This will restore proper function and relieve the many side effects of TMJ dysfunction.


Some of the leading research actually dates back to the work of two dentists in the 1930s in the field of nutrition. They were able to document the horrific changes to the mouth and teeth as well as TMJ dysfunction and dental decay due to the modern Western diet. In the book entitled, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” it definitively documents the distructive nature of processed and refined foods in our diets. They documented generation after generation of people who had perfect teeth, and show the devastation of even a short introduction into their diets of process and refined foods. These more primitive societies  had never had these types of foods in their diet ever before. It is important to note that these degenerative changes do not only take place in the mouth. These processed and refined foods lead to degenerative changes and disease processes throughout the entire body.

The amount of nerve tissue within the face and mouth is absolutely incredible. Imagine for a moment the last time that you had a kernel of corn stuck in your teeth or maybe even a little piece of sand from being on the beach. It becomes so annoying to your nervous system, that you can’t even focus on anything else until these are removed. Something as insignificant as one tiny grain of sand can fluster and irritate the entire nervous system, which can easily be detected by the nervous system in the mouth. We need a completely perfect alignment and closing the mouth and a touching of the teeth just slightly. If all of the teeth do not touch at the exact same time this can reflexively cause many other patterns of problems that the patient can experience.

Adjusting The Teeth?

Even though adjusting teeth sounds wild and painful, it has actually created some of the most profound improvements in some of the most difficult neurological cases that I have ever worked on. While teaching in Florida, one of my students came up for a demonstration. Her history involves having an anvil dropped on her head and having over a year’s worth of serious neurologic problems. She had a severe decrease in her balance, significant pain, muscle inhibitions around the entire body, and pain that would not subside. Many of the neurological test that we performed in front of the classroom of doctors and students established a severe decrease in neurologic function. Not only did this patient have cranial nerve involvement, she also had significant involvement with her cerebellum. Since the demonstration was specifically meant for a very specific type of manipulation to the teeth it was determined that two of her teeth needed this very specific manipulation. Not having any idea if it would have any type of effect for her particular problems, we continued to treat the teeth that presented as needing this particular treatment. In less than a five-minute period of time almost all of her neurologic function had returned to normal and the entire classroom was stunned, including myself. I previously knew how powerful these manipulations could potentially be, but up until that point I had never actually seen one this dramatic. Since that point in time, I have helped to fix many of these types of problems, and reverse what seemed to be near impossible neurologic problems to reverse.

It is absolutely necessary and important to continue proper hygiene and regular checkups for cleanings with your dentist. It is also important to understand that when you’re having pain due to the joints or muscles involved in the mouth, including the joints of every single tooth, to have those dysfunctions assessed by a specialist in applied kinesiology, to restore proper biomechanics. All of the doctors in our office are fully capable of helping in this manner.