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Cholesterol | Lowering Cholesterol Everyday For Patients In The Syracuse Area

All doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, in which it says, “1st do no harm.” People come into my office all the time as a last ditch effort to be cured of their ailments.” I tell them I don’t treat diseases, I treat people who have diseases, in an effort to make their body as healthy as possible. And mysteriously quite often they become so healthy that the reason they came in, in the first place, no longer exists. It still amazes me to this day the incredible healing capacity of the body. I believe the body can cure anything it creates if you change the proper stimulus that is causing it in the first place. So people come in with bags of medications having already been to 15 doctors and wanting help and don’t want to use drugs anymore.

It blows my mind that even after taking the Hippocratic Oath…..the first line of treatments are often invasive, doing drugs and surgery first, and then consider nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes last. We have it backwards in this country.

Western medicine looks at the body as being stupid and not knowing what it is doing. For example, western medicine would look at a High Blood Pressure as bad and immediately put that person on Blood Pressure medication. They never seem to ask why the blood pressure is high in the first place. Its usually not because of a Beta Blocker deficiency. They never seem to look at the fact that the body may think under the given conditions that it needs to increase the blood pressure to keep you alive. What if this individual was 100 pounds overweight and had an extra 70 miles of arteries and capillaries. Any physics professor will tell you the pump has to pump harder. The body even thinks the little bit of damage it is creating is necessary in order to function properly. In this case your body is doing it to get blood to your brain so you don’t die. But no, western medicine is smarter than the body and treats the numbers. So at the funeral we can all say “I know he’s dead, but look at that Blood Pressureand Cholesterol number. They are perfect.”

So what is the healthiest number for cholesterol? We’ll get there later, but here is another example of Western Medicine looking at the body as stupid. Someone somewhere opened a cadaver and looked into the arteries and saw cholesterol plaque in the lining of the arteries. Then made the astounding conclusion that cholesterol was bad. But never once did that person ask why it was there in the first place. Thus was born statin medications to lower cholesterol levels because the body is not capable of knowing what to do for itself. Perhaps it was a diet high in refined and processed carbohydrate inflaming the arteries, massive slugs of insulin are shredding the lining of the arteries and in order to not bleed to death the body used cholesterol to plaque and plaster them to protect the body.

What you eat only makes up 5-10% of total cholesterol, so if you thought it was erroneously better to cut fat out of your diet, your body would go into overdrive to make it anyway. Fat makes up every single cell in your body, it covers all of your nerves, your brain is largely fat, and all of your hormones are cholesterol based. Interestingly the women in my office with the worst hormonal issues walk into the office not having a drop of good fats in their diets in years.

There are several approaches to help your body regulate Cholesterol Naturally and make you healthier. Each person is an individual though and its not the same for everyone. Watch the video below for a much more detailed and thorough explanation of Cholesterol Alternatives and Nutrition.

Thank you and I will look forward to seeing you soon, and being a part of your health team!


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