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Cardiology & The Natural Way To Heart Health

There is no arguing the fact that heart related death is consistently in the top five reasons or ways that people reach their demise. Many people, including medical doctors, grossly misunderstand the cardiovascular system and the heart, and the diverse number of problems and issues that a heart patient can present with and be helped naturally.


This discussion about cholesterol, is one of the best representations describing in detail, exactly what I mean by the above statement. Cholesterol is an extremely healthy and necessary component to reach the highest levels of health that your body can achieve. Many doctors in the popular media persuade people into believing that cholesterol is one of the most dangerous substances in our body. It is an absolute fact that we could not live without cholesterol in our body. Cholesterol is utilized by countless numbers of mechanisms within the body. Just as an example, every single hormone in the entire body is made directly from cholesterol. Any misinformed individual who specifically cuts out any and all cholesterol from their diet will be on the path towards any number of endocrine and hormone problems by not having the essential building blocks to make hormones in the body. It also should be mentioned that every single cell on the entire body has cholesterol in its structure.

Anatomy & Dissection

The confusion began when anatomists dissected human cadavers and opened up arteries and saw the infamous “cholesterol plaque.” It was at this point that cholesterol was crowned as one of the most dangerous substances in the body by causing occlusion to many of the arteries within the body. Nobody ever asked why the body, in its infinite wisdom, and infinite healing capability, would purposefully lay down cholesterol within the artery walls. Since our bodies are innately intelligent, it would make sense that the body has a purpose, or reason, for needing to lay down cholesterol and plaque the artery walls. When you actually dissect the many reasons why the body would want to attempt to lay down more cholesterol in the artery walls, it becomes clear that the problem is not cholesterol at all. What becomes clear is that a diet high in processed and refined foods, the induced high levels of insulin in the blood, and inflammation resulting from the previous two, lead to such destruction of the artery walls that the body needs to repair the artery walls with the plaster that it has available, which is known as cholesterol. So in fact, cholesterol is saving people’s lives every single day so that our many arteries are not bleeding out. The problem is not cholesterol, it is the conditions that lead to the necessity of laying down cholesterol, that needs to be addressed in preventative nature. Proper levels of cholesterol will not only keep your hormones in balance, and every single cell in your body in balance, it will also help you stay alive as long as possible. The many assaults that are placed upon your body from processed and refined foods, a lifetime stress, and very little exercise is the true culprit to these cardiovascular problems.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Is amazing to me the number of nutritional deficiencies that present in the body my a number of heart related signs and symptoms.  By having an in-depth knowledge of the many types of heart rhythms that can take place, and measuring them on our Acoustic Cardiograph that we have in the office, you can actually SEE the nutritional deficiencies and how they make the heart beat. What is even more fun for me is watching a heart rhythm that is out of balance, regardless of the many technical names that you could call these variations in heart rhythm.  Watching them return to a perfect and normal rhythm simply by sucking on the exact nutrition that the patient has a deficiency in. I watch this happen every single day in my office. People who have heart arrhythmias and heart dysfunction are regularly improved  by supplying the correct nutrition, and allowing the body to work at an optimum level, thus restoring its own health and function.

 Cholesterol Lowering Statin Medications

It needs to be understood that the cholesterol-lowering Statin medications not only lower cholesterol, but also inhibits other necessary functions within the body. One of these important pathways that is completely blocked when given a Statin medication has to deal with CoQ 10. I would strongly argue that any patient who begins any type of statin medication therapy, should absolutely be supplementing with coenzyme Q 10.

Increased Blood Pressure

Typically all of this cholesterol build up will ultimately lead to increase blood pressure due to narrowing of the artery walls. The most common means of dealing with and treating this high blood pressure does very little for treating the cause of the problem. The first medication that is often used as a diuretic. The purpose is to urinate out as much volume as possible in the form of water and urine thus lowering blood pressure, and having no effect on the cause of its increase. Another category of blood pressure medication is beta blockers. Beta blockers essentially help your heart to fall asleep. Again, this does absolutely nothing for fixing the problem and causes of the narrowing arteries. The third major category of medications used to treat high blood pressure I will combine are the ace inhibitors and calcium channel blockers, as they work very similarly. They work by relaxing the artery walls, thus lowering blood pressure. This again does not address the cause of the problem.

The Body Knows What It is Doing

I Actually think it is quite interesting, fully knowing that the body always has a purpose for what it is trying to accomplish. In this case, with increasing blood pressure, we think that we are smarter than the bodies inherent genius to do the right thing. There is no arguing that the most essential place for our heart to pump blood would be to our brain. If we have a deficiency of oxygenation and nutrition to the brain, the body will automatically increase pressure in order to supply the structures. Then comes along the all knowing health professional who wants to force your blood pressure lower, completely sidestepping what your body is trying to accomplish. Many times one of the side effects these patients will see are a combination of lightheadedness and dizziness when rising from a laying down or sitting position, because they can’t maintain blood pressure to the brain properly.

Another well-documented side effect of the Statin medications, specifically relates to the chiropractic patient. That is well documented that one of the side effects to the statins are any type of muscle pain, and more specifically low back pain.

Cardiovascular Health For The Athlete

One of my favorite topics of discussion when dealing with the cardiovascular system has to do with proper training of the athlete. I love helping them to properly train and to reach their highest levels of health. Training in aerobic heart rate levels allows the heart to sufficiently provide oxygen and nutrients to all areas of the body in a sustained manner. This allows the individual to continue doing the task for long and sustained periods of time. By training in aerobic heart rate zones, the body becomes more and more efficient, and is able to move faster and become stronger. An example, would be an individual who began an exercise program of walking or jogging 3 miles. The length of time and it takes to complete the 3 miles is documented. The entire time the athlete must maintain the specified aerobic heart rate zone.  The next several weeks of training continues at their aerobic heart rate training zone. On a weekly or bi-monthly basis, the individual can retest the exact same 3 miles, and will see that the time that it takes to complete the 3 miles will continually decrease, while the heart rate remains the same. This type of training may take months and years to completely develop, but explains why elite runners could run extremely fast paces, often much faster than anyone else, all while their hearts are beating at an aerobic level. Many people will tend to train in anaerobic levels. They will see short-term physical fitness improve, however, training at these higher levels will fatigue the body, increase the likelihood of sickness or injury, and ultimately lead to plateaus. These plateaus can be very difficult to breakthrough, especially before injury sets in. There will be more concerning this subject matter on the tab above concerning sports doctors.