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What Would Doctors Do With No Medicine?

This sector of the website has a lot of great information in it and is one that most people will probably spend the most time on. Each specialty is listed off to the right. When you click on each one of them, you will further see the most common health issues people have that utilize these specialists for. If all of the medical specialties in the world were somehow forced to never use drugs again, what would they do to heal people? This is what this area of the website is dedicated towards, answering this very question.

There is a big twist though! Instead of listing some recommended specialists in town, this is where I go into much more depth on each of the given health concerns and help you understand how different the holistic approach in our office is. It will give you a clear understanding of what your body is trying to do with the symptoms you are having. You can think of it as a course in understanding the language of the body.

Once you have a good idea of what the body is trying to do, the fix is usually easy. Think of it like this. If someone brought you a car that was not working and needed you to get it working again. They give you no information about its history or what happened that led to the car not starting. You would be looking for a needle in a haystack.  You could “TRY” lots of things including putting tape over the check engine light, but not actually fix the problem. Now lets say after lots of expensive diagnostic testing you find the tank is empty. It should have been something you looked at first. Not very heroic to find the empty gas tank. Now that you KNOW the problem the fix is easy. The same is true for the body. Once you know what is wrong with the body, and WHY is was acting the way it was, the fix is often easy to support.


One of the big differences I see differentiating holistic medicine and allopathic medicine is that allopathis medicine tends to give you one form of therapy usually in the form of a medication. Holistic medicine, however, can offer dozens or even hundreds of therapy options. Even if none of them were 100% effective, they tend to have a cumulative effect. So if you have 12 therapies all adding 2% in the positive to your health, you are 24% better. WITH NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS! That is being pretty conservative too. Many of the more natural therapies are just as powerful as the allopathic medications without the side effects. The key is to make sure you get the proper treatments, therapies, and techniques used on you to help you the most.

Even if you are the biggest skeptic in the world and the allopathic is the best approach for you, most of the things we do in the office can certainly be done in conjunction with the allopathic approach, and most times enhance it. Usually with faster recovery and less side effects. We can support those areas that are being effected negatively by the medications themselves. Then you have the best of both worlds.

First Do No Harm

If you have watched the video on the home page you’ve heard this already, but its not to be taken too lightly. As doctors, we ALL take an oath to “FIRST DO NO HARM!” By definition this means working from least invasive to most invasive when tackling your health problems. For instance, starting someone on lots of diabetes medications when they show signs of high blood sugar might not be the first do no harm approach. Perhaps a more thorough look into diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and herbs like Gymnema and nutrients like B vitamins, chromium and fish oil. There are lots of options to start with instead of the lifelong list of medications and all of their side effects.

Take Steps Towards Health

We look at your health as a sliding scale. You are either taking steps towards 10/10 perfect health, or you are moving in the other direction making not so healthy choices. The problem with medications is they don’t do anything for moving you to 10/10 health. They absolutely can keep you from going to 0/10 in emergency situations, but they don’t restore health. That is our focus in our office. Make every possible step towards 10/10. You would be surprised just how many ways we can do that.

Treat nothing and help everything

We just think differently. Not right or wrong, just different. instead of some herb to KILL a bacteria, we want to improve your health on that scale of 10/10 and get you so healthy that your body takes care of the bacteria the way it has always been able to. We help people with a laundry list of health concerns, but not by treating the condition. We treat the person. We take every single possible step towards 10/10 health, and the body naturally heals itself. No side effects, no gimmicks, and nothing to lose. In the end you always end up a healthier you.

We commonly treat people who have many of these things: To go back to the Home Page Click Here

Psychologist: Anxiety, Depression

Cardiology: Cholesterol,

Gastroenterology: IBS, Reflux

Dentist: TMJ, Tooth Problems, Mouth Pain, Misalignment issues

Obstetrics: Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery