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Theta Healing

An Introduction Into Theta Healing, Energy Healing And Spiritual Enlightenment

There are a lot of possible ways for me to introduce Theta Healing to my patients and students who take my courses.  I decided for my own sanity, that this article would not be directed towards the individual who was a 100% skeptic. If you are looking for 100% evidence, and lots of supporting peer-reviewed research proving every aspect of Theta Healing, then I would consider skipping this article for now.

If, however, you are in the spectrum between being a skeptic and having an open mind, or the type of person wanting to completely devour every last piece of information that you can obtain about metaphysical, spiritual, and energy healing modalities, then this article is specifically directed towards you. If you at least come into reading this article with an open mind and are willing to experience Theta healing for yourself, I truly believe you will be starting on a pathway that is very exciting and one that you will be so happy that you took the time to explore. You’ll find that Theta Healing, will not only impact your life in a deep and personal way, it will also help you to touch others in a profound way as well. Just for full disclosure, I will still be omitting some ways we use Theta Healing that will challenge even the open mind. Not everyone is ready to here those things, and I wouldn’t want to lose people before we even get started.

To over simplify, Theta Healing is a specific, detailed, and fully intentioned prayer directed to the creator of all that is from the Theta brainwave state.  One of the first important steps that a practitioner learns during this training is how to quickly and consistently get into a theta brainwave state. Some meditation disciplines take years or even a lifetime to be consistently in the theta brainwave in a purposeful way. After even the basic Theta Healing course, past student have been measured and show that they can instantly get to the theta brainwave state using the techniques we learn in class. It is from this theta brainwave state that the many miracles of Theta healing take place. Similar to applied kinesiology, Theta healing has a countless number of ways that it can be utilized for the greater good.

When I was introduced to this modality, I came into it with some skepticism myself. I was able to personally see firsthand many positive outcomes for myself and others, which started me on my path and becoming an advanced Theta healing practitioner. It wasn’t even until I began my basic training that I learned that this modality has had such a strong worldwide impact, that it is now mandatory for all nurses and doctors to get their basic and advanced certification in a few hospitals in Japan. I think it says a lot for its validity and how many incredible positive responses have taken place from these healings that entire hospitals would want their healers to know how to use these healing tools.

If you decide to stay the course and actually read about and learn about all of the amazing healings that take place, it almost sounds too good to be true. Yet, it is because of these incredible positive healing responses, that theta healing has grown so much and touched so many lives. I’m talking about healing people with stage 4 cancers to other diseases and ill health that no other therapy has been able to help. I do want to be very clear about the differences between healing and a cure. Yes, there are countless cases of people being cured. Some people also don’t receive a “CURE.” The major key is that “HEALING” always takes place.

The Four Levels Of Belief

Core Level

These are the belief systems that we are taught during this current life. These beliefs can begin as early as in the womb and continue to be developed throughout life. These are programs that we have learned to accept and have become a part of us. They can be instilled upon us from our parents, loved ones and teachers. Hypothetically even from the TV and music we watch and listen to. These beliefs are held as energy in the frontal lobe of the brain.

Example of how the core level may influence your life:

On your core level you may be taught early in life that money is the root of all evil. Having an ingrained belief system that you truly believe money is evil will absolutely create major blocks in your life obtaining money and abundance in life.

Genetic Level

These programed beliefs are carried over from our ancestors and are being added to the genes within our current life. These beliefs are energy stored in the morphogenetic field of knowledge around a person’s DNA. This energetic field is what tells your DNA what to do.

Example of how the genetic level may influence your life:

Now imagine taking the previous example and projecting it backwards 50 lifetimes. Even way back then, power, tyranny, and oppression may have been the obvious result of money to your ancestors, thus beginning the genetic beliefs systems that money is the root of all evil.

The History Level

This level concerns memories from past lives or deep genetic memory, or collective consciousness experiences that we carry into the present. These beliefs actually must be resolved, and not canceled, as with the other three. These memories are held in the auric field of the person.

Example of how the history level may influence your life:

For the moment entertain the idea of reincarnation. Imagine living in a past life when you were a prominent figure in society and had plenty of money. This money puts you in the spotlight and never allows you to have a life that is not dissected in every minuscule possible way. The stress leads to a drug addiction, which ultimately leads to a slow and painful death. Being part of your history, you can bring forth these belief systems that you never knew existed consciously, however, they are very real and can affect you in a very strong way.

Another example of history level beliefs and pain: Another specific example of an individual being affected on a history level from a past life as a particular individual who developed severe groin pain. No medical testing could find any problems, and no treatments offered including pain blocking nerve injections were of no help. Through hypnosis the patient was directed to where this groin pain originated or stems from. The patient was brought to a past life during barbaric torture for crimes he committed. The spear was ultimately thrust into the groin region, which ultimately led to the patient’s death in that lifetime. Psychic or spiritual memory of this event in the history level was simply manifest forward into this lifetime. Once this was discovered the pain was resolved quickly and easily and has not returned.

For more specific information understanding the entire world of past lives, and past life regression, I strongly recommend the work of Michael Newton’s first book, which is entitled, Journey of Souls, in his second book is entitled, Destiny of Souls. I regularly recommend these books to patients, friends, and family. Everyone who has decided to read or listen to these books have thanked me for recommending them.

The Soul Level: This is all that a person is. The programs are pulled off the completeness of the individual, beginning at the heart chakra, moving outward.

A practitioner works on one or all of these levels and it is very important to remember that just working on one level will not necessarily clear all of the levels. These programs or belief systems will re-create themselves if they are pulled only from one level, and not pulled on all four levels.

Psychic Scanning Of The Body

With practice everyone’s ability to develop their psychic abilities is not only possible, but far beyond what you may think is even possible currently. One of the techniques that we use in Theta healing and abilities we trying to improve is being able to psychically envision every cell from head to toe of the patient or client. There is actually an entire three-week course that is taught called intuitive anatomy. This allows the practitioner to not only use their hands on objective testing that they learned in school with the patient, but also to develop their intuitive and psychic senses picking up on things that cannot yet be measured by technology available today.

The manifesting abilities directly associated with the stated brainwave state are exponentially higher than any other brainwave state of manifestations. Due to this, we have to be incredibly careful the exact wording and intentions of what we’re trying to do. For example, asking that all bacteria be gone from the body would actually be very harmful since our body work synergistically with many forms of bacteria and allows us to live. We always make sure that what we are asking is being done in the patient’s highest and best good with grace and ease now. Deciding exactly what to ask for absolutely takes skill, as well as playing the scenario forward. If you are the patient picture actually manifesting exactly what you asked for. What would the result be. Asking this question to yourself, will often show the need to reword and/or rethink what it is that you are attempting to manifest.

I was told about a true story about Vianna, the founder of Theta Healing. She was teaching the highest level course that she created up to that point in time. (VERY ADVANCED STUFF) She vowed she would go into a coma before she would teach this course again. Very soon after she actually did spend time in a hospital in a coma. I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to be careful with your words and what you are manifesting in your life. As you are working in this theta brainwave state on a regular basis, manifesting will become easy and second nature, and it is much more important to be careful with what you are asking for.

Distance Healings

For a long time I considered the idea of healing over large distances a little outside of the realm of what I thought was possible. The idea of somehow all directly sending your energy to heal somebody else seemed ridiculous to me. But that is not true with Theta Healing. Because you are asking of the creator of all that is to provide the healing and changes, there is no limits to time or space with which the healing can take place. Any denomination in the world could easily believe that the creator of all that is this capable of such healings. It is again important to understand that it is not the healing from some special or important practitioner with gifts that nobody else could ever have that is doing the healing. The practitioner is actually the observer during the healing. It is truly the creator of all that is that is touching the lives of so many and such a profound way.

Healing in this way, actually produces a level of protection for both the patient and practitioner. The patient does not take on any negative from the practitioner and the practitioner does not take on any of the negative from the patient, which happens too many times in similar type of work. I’m sure all hands on healing practitioners have at one time had a patient come in with some bad mojo, leave the office, and the practitioner feel miserable the rest of the day. Emotions and energy are real things. Don’t underestimate them. The point being, that using Theta Healing also means that we don’t have anything to worry about when done properly.

My students will be happy to know that some of the work in Theta Healing is grounded in the works of Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing. This means incredibly accurate information that is reproducible.

I have to give credit to one of my patients this morning. She said that she sees my work to be similar to tuning a piano. She is a professional musician, so you can see where she would come up with such an explanation. I do think that she is onto something though. Sure, parts on a piano occasionally need to be replaced. Often the keys need to be polished, lubed up and make sure they all move properly. Retouch something, and get it back to functioning the right way again. A good solid and tuned instrument that sounds good to the average listener. Hopefully we all can see the obvious parallel with the piano and the human body.

She went on to say that some individual notes played on the piano are often made from several strings all working in unison. They are brought into “the range” that sounds good for that note. This is the point in time that the 3rd harmonic beat created from non unified sounds are not detected by instruments anymore, and hence, we have the sound of being in tune.

They then take it a step further. A truly intuitive listener can further fine tune the piano based on the sound and “feel.” There comes a point in time that you have reached the “sweet spot” and it makes everyone just enjoy and feel the music at a much higher level.

Our bodies work the same way. Overall we have a basic assessment of how we are doing. When they are “Way Out Of Tune” we go get them fixed. However, when there are subtle imbalances in our own tuning or energetic / spiritual fields, then this is when people might say they just feel off, but can’t explain why or how. It also when people often are told by the doctor they can’t find anything wrong and that it must be psychological. This often leads down the road of some type of mood altering medication.

These more esoteric spiritual and energetic healing techniques, seem at times like they are not tangible on a physical level. No real special equipment exists to measure these things that we instinctively FEEL. I would make the argument that this is very real, and certainly a place where Theta Healing can significantly help. Creating balance out of our life and all its energies involved including the spiritual, mental, and emotional. What research has yet to prove, but case study after case study is proving over and over, is that healing on this spiritual and energetic level is exactly the missing link to helping so many people with their health problems.

Take some simple but profound statements like these: (Please actually take a few minutes to really think about each one)

  • I know what joy feels like.
  • I know what it feels like to be completely loved.
  • I know what it feels like to love someone completely.
  • I know what it feels like to be completely healthy.
  • I know what it feels like to have a healthy body.
  • I am worthy of having a healthy body.
  • I know what it feels like to live without pain.
  • I know what it feels like to live without anxiety.
  • I know what it feels like to live without depression.
  • It is safe to be a healer
  • I am worthy of God’s love.

I know what it feels like, how to, that it is safe to, and possible to believe these things.

Now just imagine if on one or all levels you did not actually believe these things and how it could possible impact your health. Multiply this by the 10’s of thousands of beliefs you have that are not working for you in a positive way and you start to see the larger picture of how and why this can be such an important component to healing.

How about some more similar beliefs like this:

  • I understand what it feels like to have the Creators definition of what it feels like to have joy
  • I understand what it feels like to have the Creators definition of what it feels like to be accepted
  • I understand what it feels like to have the Creators definition of what it feels like to forgive
  • I understand what it feels like to have the Creators definition of what it feels like to trust my intuition
  • I understand what it feels like to have the Creators definition of what it feels like to have peace.

Lets try some different ones from a different point of view. How about a patient who believes that “People only care for me when I have a problem.” Inherently built within this belief system means that the patient will always have a problem and attract more problems into their life, just so people will care for them.

You wouldn’t believe some of the beliefs systems that do not serve us positively that govern our lives. Take this for instance:

Beliefs on Healing:

  • It is safe to be a healer.
  • I am worthy of being a healer
  • Healers are Evil
  • Psychics are Evil
  • I fear healings
  • I doubt Healings
  • I have boundaries on healing
  • I am blocked from doing healings
  • I will be killed for being a healer
  • I must suffer to be close to God

On some level you may not believe it is safe to be a healer. In the past people were killed for being voodoo like witch doctors. Even today, healers are chastised for not following mainstream peer reviewed researched techniques. Take the chiropractic profession alone. Chiropractors were once thrown in jail for practicing chiropractic. Not exactly the safest thing in the world. The AMA was found guilty by the Supreme Court, of purposely defaming the chiropractic profession. We can certainly see where those beliefs could come from.

If you hold these beliefs on any level at all, how do you think it will impact your healing as a doctor or healing practitioner of any type. Even a medical doctor that is worried about being sued for doing all the right things, could be impacted by this.

You can only rise to the level of your contradictions of your beliefs!

Canceling and Replacing Beliefs

One of the major techniques within Theta Healing deals with actually cancelling these beliefs that do not serve us on all levels, and replace them with the “Creator’s definition of those beliefs, that we know what it fells like, how to, and that its safe to live our day to day lives with these new beliefs for our highest and best good with grace and ease now.” A counselor would likely take a much longer period of time to make these changes if at all, since they would likely have no means of works on all four levels.

Another technique used within Theta Healing that I wanted to mention has to do with your essence as a soul or spiritual being. Firstly, I want to be open to you all and explain that there are Theta Healing professionals from pretty much every single religious belief system in the world. It in no way goes against belief systems of any kind, and can be a universally accepted technique. It is already.

So this particular technique has to do with what we call soul fragments. Its like pieces of you being with other important people in your life. Maybe like a divorce, or breaking up with someone after a longstanding relationship. A part of you is with them. If enough pieces of you are scattered among the many people you are in contact with throughout your life, the more you will be left deficient.

Take it a step further. Imagine how many people you have had in your life and the energy or fragments you have taken on from them. Some of them you may think you want, while others you may feel as though you don’t want. The important thing to understand is that you want “YOU” back in its entirety, and you want anything “NOT YOU” to be returned to their rightful owners. Its hard to explain this in words. Its better for you to experience this yourself, however, even just this 1 small and short technique has tremendous results and impacts on people, their lives and their health and energy levels. Feeling complete, and more IN TUNE again!

There are countless specific techniques taught in Theta Healing courses as you are going through many levels of mastery. At the time of writing this article, I will be teaching the Basic and Advanced Theta Healing courses in the summer of 2014. I strongly encourage everyone to attend them and learn this. It’ll change your life. If, however, its not for you to learn, but think you would be benefitted from 1 or more Theta Healing sessions, I am open to that too. I would strongly recommend it actually. Its one of the more powerful healing techniques in my arsenal now, and would love for everyone to experience it for themselves. On some level, I use it on all of my patients on every single visit. Many sessions I have with patients, this is all we do for an entire hour. Some of them, this is the only reason they even come to the office. Thank you so very much for reading this introduction looking into Theta Healing, and make sure you check be in the late spring for updates on future courses I will be hosting for becoming a Theta healing Practitioner yourself. The courses available are as follows:

  1. Basic Theta Healing
  2. Advanced Theta Healing (Basic is a prerequisite)
  3. Manifesting & Abundance (Requires Basic & Advanced as prerequisites)