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What Makes For A Great Counselor Or Therapist?

A great counselor may come from a variety of different backgrounds. A counselor, therapist, or healer of any type, including chiropractors typically have a large arsenal of possible modalities that can be used to help their patients or clients. I am willing to go out on a limb and suggest that most all therapies and modalities have been shown to help people on an individual basis. Some of these techniques may help the individual more than another, and some of the techniques may have more scientific validity based on our current capability of testing and researching their efficacy.

I think one of the biggest keys we like to focus on in the office is results. From our point of view, we would hat for a patient to have to spend 8 years talking about their problem, anxiety or depression or taking potentially dangerous medication to get results. Most of the time the good thing is that you will know in a very short period of time if you will see benefit from these many modalities we have to offer. Just make sure when you come to the office that you want results as quickly as possible.

There is no question that to help people reach their highest level of health that you must look at the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Often, practitioners who focus on the structural and biochemical / nutritional aspects of health miss this integral part to helping their patients. In Applied Kinesiology course that I teach around the country, I emphasize the AK triad of health. This means specifically focusing on all 3 major aspects of our health when treating patients.

Several of the techniques and therapies taught in Applied Kinesiology courses and other healing disciplines work incredibly well, especially in conjunction with other hands on approaches to healing patients. I will list some of the ones that I have personally seen my patients benefit from, and help in the healing process of MAJOR health problems.

One of my favorites would have to be Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It works in the same realm as Roger Callahan’s work in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) that is so widely used by Applied Kinesiology Practitioners who focus on the emotional, mental, spiritual (EMS) side of health. It incorporates the use of acupuncture points, emotional therapy, and counseling as a hands on technique. I’ve personally seen dramatic changes in patients health and pain immediately after having an EFT session. Usually a typical session will last 30-60 minutes or more depending on the need and complexity of the case. When I need to help someone who has not been helped by any other practitioners and I have a patient in major pain in the office right now……. I use EFT to help them the quickest and fastest. Almost always there is immediate improvement that at least allows us to move forward with other therapies and treatments.

Another favorite therapy of mine in this category is Theta Healing. I am currently an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner. My first introduction to this miraculous modality was actually from one of my students who was doing a group Theta Healing session. She held the room of 30 people captivated and we all had incredible benefit. I was hooked and many of us saw such incredible improvements in ourselves, we asked her teacher to come up from Florida to teach us as well. Our teacher has flown up multiple times now as we all advance in our Theta Healing practices, and we will continue to have her come for quite some time. I’ve even decided to take the required courses for teaching Theta Healing as well. It is just too powerful of a healing modality for me to not be able to offer this coursework to all of my students. Even on our first class, I was amazed to find out more information about how Theta Healing has grown throughout the world and the amazing effects it offer people in their health and life. So much so, Theta Healing has been made mandatory for all nurses and doctors to learn in a few hospitals in Japan. People from all walks of life and the entire spectrum of religious and spiritual beliefs are helped immensely by this healing modality. I recommend coming in for either a private session or a group session to experience it for yourself.

This is just a taste of the many emotional, mental and spiritual techniques and therapies we use in the office. Others include Shambala Healing Tools, Essential Oils, Reiki, Meditation, Hypnosis and many others. Please take the time to look through more details on the sidebar to the right to read and listen to more information about each of the individual modalities. Just remember, we are not limited to just one. We can offer any and all of them to you during your visits to the office.