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Plantar Fasciitis

Does Plantar Fasciitis Really Have To Take A Year To Fix? Not In Syracuse NY This injury is like the black plague for runners. When diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, they are often told, and probably already know, that the most common forms of treatment means they are going to be in pain for a year or more. Likely they will try a lot of gimmicks and tricks in order to speed up the process. The beauty is that it does not have to take a year, or even 6 months, or 2 months. Active Release Technique With the Use of Active Release Technique (ART), runners should expect their healing times to consist of 3-6 visits. Every patient is certainly different, however, there is a reason that ART is the Gold Standard of soft tissue injuries. By breaking up the scar tissue within the plantar fascia, the plantar muscles, Achilles tendon, gastrocnemius and soleus, the tension on the plantar fascia is relieved significantly. We will often provide patients with very specific stretches and strengthening exercises as well to help in the healing process and ensure that it does not ever return. When you build up a lot of scar tissue and adhesions within the above structures, they tighten and put additional tension on them above and beyond what they are supposed to have on them. Scar tissue can be built from repetitive motions of any kind, and running is very repetitive. Runners are probably the most susceptible to having plantar fasciitis. Since all of these structures have so much tension on them, the range of motion is also significantly decreased as well. You can actually test your range of motion yourself. You should easily be able to stand in front of a wall, with your toes 6 inches from the wall. From there you bend your knee and keep your heel on the ground. You should be able to touch your knee to the wall with no problem. Measure the distance. This will give you a very objective measurement on how decreased your range of motion is, and your increased likelihood to have problems down the road, if you do not have them already. When you have such a decreased range of motion in this area of your body, your power, speed, and efficiency will be drastically reduced. You will waste lots of additional energy trying to overcome this, and likely cause more injury over the long run. These tight tissue that have scar tissue within them are much more susceptible to injury. They are much less elastic, and for lack of a better word can make you feel like your feet and ankles feel pretty “old. Applied Kinesiology In our office all of our doctors are also Applied Kinesiologists. You can read more about this under the heading above entitled “kinesiology,” but for now its important to understand a few things about it. The reason Dr. Goodheart was the first chiropractor on the USA Olympic Medical Board was because of … Continue reading

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Carpal Tunnel

Something happened in 1990 that skyrocketed ART. A medical director of a large occupational clinic invited Dr. Leahy to speak at a doctors’ staff meeting. He talked about carpal tunnel syndrome . Halfway through the meeting he became aware of the magnitude of the problem and the frustration that these doctors had in relieving the pain. He couldn’t believe it, because he had so much success in resolving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in just a few visits. Seeing an opportunity Dr. Leahy offered a challenge to these doctors. “Send me your 5 worst, carpal tunnel syndrome cases,” and “let me see what I can do. Medical histories on the 5 worst cases revealed that they had been under treatment for at least 2 years. 3 Had experienced at least one surgery and all of them were adversely affected at work Results: All 5 cases were resolved within 3 visits. They all returned to full-time, pain-free duties at work. That success caused a new surge of interest in ART. Today, ART is considered the standard of care for cumulative trauma disorders in Colorado Springs. I can’t promise ART will do this for you, but 3-6 visits is a non invasive and less expensive option than any other options out there, and results are often fast. You have nothing to lose by trying and you may save yourself from un-needed surgery. It happens in my office every single day.  

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