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Plantar Fasciitis

Does Plantar Fasciitis Really Have To Take A Year To Fix? Not In Syracuse NY This injury is like the black plague for runners. When diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, they are often told, and probably already know, that the most common forms of treatment means they are going to be in pain for a year or more. Likely they will try a lot of gimmicks and tricks in order to speed up the process. The beauty is that it does not have to take a year, or even 6 months, or 2 months. Active Release Technique With the Use of Active Release Technique (ART), runners should expect their healing times to consist of 3-6 visits. Every patient is certainly different, however, there is a reason that ART is the Gold Standard of soft tissue injuries. By breaking up the scar tissue within the plantar fascia, the plantar muscles, Achilles tendon, gastrocnemius and soleus, the tension on the plantar fascia is relieved significantly. We will often provide patients with very specific stretches and strengthening exercises as well to help in the healing process and ensure that it does not ever return. When you build up a lot of scar tissue and adhesions within the above structures, they tighten and put additional tension on them above and beyond what they are supposed to have on them. Scar tissue can be built from repetitive motions of any kind, and running is very repetitive. Runners are probably the most susceptible to having plantar fasciitis. Since all of these structures have so much tension on them, the range of motion is also significantly decreased as well. You can actually test your range of motion yourself. You should easily be able to stand in front of a wall, with your toes 6 inches from the wall. From there you bend your knee and keep your heel on the ground. You should be able to touch your knee to the wall with no problem. Measure the distance. This will give you a very objective measurement on how decreased your range of motion is, and your increased likelihood to have problems down the road, if you do not have them already. When you have such a decreased range of motion in this area of your body, your power, speed, and efficiency will be drastically reduced. You will waste lots of additional energy trying to overcome this, and likely cause more injury over the long run. These tight tissue that have scar tissue within them are much more susceptible to injury. They are much less elastic, and for lack of a better word can make you feel like your feet and ankles feel pretty “old. Applied Kinesiology In our office all of our doctors are also Applied Kinesiologists. You can read more about this under the heading above entitled “kinesiology,” but for now its important to understand a few things about it. The reason Dr. Goodheart was the first chiropractor on the USA Olympic Medical Board was because of … Continue reading

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Carpal Tunnel

Something happened in 1990 that skyrocketed ART. A medical director of a large occupational clinic invited Dr. Leahy to speak at a doctors’ staff meeting. He talked about carpal tunnel syndrome . Halfway through the meeting he became aware of the magnitude of the problem and the frustration that these doctors had in relieving the pain. He couldn’t believe it, because he had so much success in resolving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in just a few visits. Seeing an opportunity Dr. Leahy offered a challenge to these doctors. “Send me your 5 worst, carpal tunnel syndrome cases,” and “let me see what I can do. Medical histories on the 5 worst cases revealed that they had been under treatment for at least 2 years. 3 Had experienced at least one surgery and all of them were adversely affected at work Results: All 5 cases were resolved within 3 visits. They all returned to full-time, pain-free duties at work. That success caused a new surge of interest in ART. Today, ART is considered the standard of care for cumulative trauma disorders in Colorado Springs. I can’t promise ART will do this for you, but 3-6 visits is a non invasive and less expensive option than any other options out there, and results are often fast. You have nothing to lose by trying and you may save yourself from un-needed surgery. It happens in my office every single day.  

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Dr Chris Montanaro

My name is Dr. Chris Montanaro DC, DIBAK, DCBCN. I am a Board Certified Chiropractor, Applied Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Active Release Provider in the State of New York. I did my undergraduate studies at Catawba College and Received my Doctor’s degree from the prestigious New York Chiropractic College. Getting to Know Your Doctor Better: Growing up as a kid, my life revolved around playing basketball. I’d play for hours every day. I’d spend Friday and Saturday nights dribbling in the garage for hours, and shooting thousands of shots. I ate, slept and breathed basketball. Since I kept my grades up, my family was very supportive of my athletic career which was very successful. Basketball was all I wanted to do…..until my senior year in high school when I realized I wanted to become a doctor….an orthopedic surgeon at the time. Although I still played basketball, my focus had changed. I wanted to help others. I wanted to be able to have the answers for people regarding their health. Basketball in undergrad was rewarding having competed in the sweet sixteen in Division 2 basketball, and winning several conference championships. I got up at 5:00 am for weight lifting, basketball training drills, traveled to games, practiced till I dropped, but basketball was now second. Medicine had become first. My undergrad summers were spent taking courses and working in hospitals. What struck me most was that if people took proper care of themselves, most could have avoided the hospital altogether. I discovered that most people using drugs did not regain their health. Eventually they needed more drugs and surgeries. I wondered why doctors didn’t help people in other ways so that they would get really well and not have to be drug dependant, have their bodies cut, burned irradiated, and have to deal with all the side effects that come with these therapies. This realization brought new ideas to my attention. I decided that I wanted to help people to avoid emergency rooms and intensive care units. I wanted to give health and not just suppress symptoms. I wanted to have real relationships with my patients. Maybe even have them invite me over for dinner. In a twist of fate, I injured my back right before my college senior basketball season. Traditional therapies didn’t help, but a chiropractic visit did help pretty quickly. I always say things happen for a reason and at the right time. My experience with the chiropractor turned my ideas in a direction other than traditional medicine. Fortunately, my admission to medical school had been held up, (fate?….luck?…destiny?) and I decided that becoming a chiropractor would help me attain my goals in regards to my patients’ health. I attended NY School of Chiropractic in Seneca Falls for the 5 year chiropractic program. As strenuous as it was with 28 credit hour semesters, I loved it. I also attended several seminars outside of school. I followed some of the best minds and doctors in the country and around the world. … Continue reading

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Acid Reflux | Helpful People With Acid Reflux Naturally In Syracuse Area There are lot of different types of cells in the stomach all working very hard to keep you healthy and to allow for proper digestion. Interestingly the Ph of your saliva is healthiest at 7.4. And if you were to look at the Ph of the stomach it is .8, just before the food leaves and moves into the small intestines. This is a logorhythmic scale, meaning that from your mouth to your stomach there is a 1,000,000 fold difference in acidity. Your body goes through tremendous effort to get your stomach this acidic. The job of the stomach is to be an acid producing machine, and the group that thinks that humans are smarter than the body, give acid stopping medications to stop its normal functioning. A thinking doctor sees that acid reflux is a result of slow digestion. Often these patients are constipated. Food sits in the stomach from a loss of the right acids and it rots, ferments, and putrefies. Those are the acids that blow back up and cause a lot of pain. Instead, I would rather take the approach of speeding up digestion. Helping the body to produce more HCL acid, digest food quickly, move it out of the stomach quickly, and then there is nothing to blow back up in the first place. So now look at the repercussions of western medicine thinking its smarter than the human body. 1. It’s a scientific fact that in order to properly absorb minerals and most of your nutrition you need a very acidic environment. Which means that things like calcium are not getting absorbed. Which means possible muscle cramps, insomnia, decreased immune function, and decreased bone mineralization, and decreased healing capacity especially from all of the minerals you are not getting. 2. That highly acidic environment in your stomach is meant to be one of many protective barriers for you. If you were to eat food with bacteria, for example……the acidity should kill the bacteria and protect you, but this won’t happen optimally if you are taking acid stopping medications, which leaves you open to possible infections. Many Americans are taking antihistamines and since phase 3 digestion is histamine…….they are really taking anti-digestives. Remember when you eat and the stomach is stretching. Your nose may start to run a little. This is a completely normal response and is the result of phase 3 digestion. Interestingly, there are several studies which indicate that allergies and asthma are directly related to low hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach. Part of the problem with these medications is that they are putting a piece of duct tape over the check engine light. You cover up some of the symptoms and it fixes nothing. Theoretically you are being prescribed these meds for the rest of your life. If they were actually fixing something you would take them, be fixed relatively quickly, and then not need them anymore. So again, … Continue reading

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome | Colon Health Your home is built on a foundation. And the “Health” of your home has a direct correlation with the health of the foundation. Similarly, the health of your colon has a direct correlation with the health of everything else in your body. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Bowel Habits & Frequency “They” say that the average American has between 10 and 20 pounds of rotting fecal material in their bowel. (The rising numbers of colon cancer makes sense). Improving your health begins with making sure you are having 2-3 good bowel movements every single day. We need to make sure food goes from your mouth to the toilet as quickly as possible. This way you will often clear up any potential acid reflux problems and your colon will be happy. A diet high in refined and processed carbohydrate leads to a distressed, inflamed, gassy, irritable bowel. These types of foods need to be reduced to a minimum. Your immune system makes up about 60% of your immune system. Mostly this is because of the GOOD bacteria that are supposed to be there. Attention to this is vital to any good program for restoring your health. If you or someone you know is sick all the time look to the health of the bowel. Gas & Bloating Often this is the result of a poor diet and an imbalance in the gut flora. It is important in any good program designed to improve your health to pay attention to this. Gas and bloating are not normal. People just have it so long they think it is normal. The “BAD” bacteria love an alkaline gut, which is the result of a diet high in refined and processed carbohydrate. Call for your free consultation with our clinical nutritionist so that we can discuss your irritable bowel syndrome  (IBS)problems and how we can design a plan to help make you as healthy as you can be and that you are getting the proper nutrition. Thank you and I will look forward to seeing you soon, and being a part of your health team!

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Cholesterol | Lowering Cholesterol Everyday For Patients In The Syracuse Area All doctors take the Hippocratic Oath, in which it says, “1st do no harm.” People come into my office all the time as a last ditch effort to be cured of their ailments.” I tell them I don’t treat diseases, I treat people who have diseases, in an effort to make their body as healthy as possible. And mysteriously quite often they become so healthy that the reason they came in, in the first place, no longer exists. It still amazes me to this day the incredible healing capacity of the body. I believe the body can cure anything it creates if you change the proper stimulus that is causing it in the first place. So people come in with bags of medications having already been to 15 doctors and wanting help and don’t want to use drugs anymore. It blows my mind that even after taking the Hippocratic Oath…..the first line of treatments are often invasive, doing drugs and surgery first, and then consider nutritional therapy and lifestyle changes last. We have it backwards in this country. Western medicine looks at the body as being stupid and not knowing what it is doing. For example, western medicine would look at a High Blood Pressure as bad and immediately put that person on Blood Pressure medication. They never seem to ask why the blood pressure is high in the first place. Its usually not because of a Beta Blocker deficiency. They never seem to look at the fact that the body may think under the given conditions that it needs to increase the blood pressure to keep you alive. What if this individual was 100 pounds overweight and had an extra 70 miles of arteries and capillaries. Any physics professor will tell you the pump has to pump harder. The body even thinks the little bit of damage it is creating is necessary in order to function properly. In this case your body is doing it to get blood to your brain so you don’t die. But no, western medicine is smarter than the body and treats the numbers. So at the funeral we can all say “I know he’s dead, but look at that Blood Pressureand Cholesterol number. They are perfect.” So what is the healthiest number for cholesterol? We’ll get there later, but here is another example of Western Medicine looking at the body as stupid. Someone somewhere opened a cadaver and looked into the arteries and saw cholesterol plaque in the lining of the arteries. Then made the astounding conclusion that cholesterol was bad. But never once did that person ask why it was there in the first place. Thus was born statin medications to lower cholesterol levels because the body is not capable of knowing what to do for itself. Perhaps it was a diet high in refined and processed carbohydrate inflaming the arteries, massive slugs of insulin are shredding the lining of the arteries … Continue reading

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