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Carpal Tunnel

Something happened in 1990 that skyrocketed ART. A medical director of a large occupational clinic invited Dr. Leahy to speak at a doctors’ staff meeting. He talked about carpal tunnel syndrome . Halfway through the meeting he became aware of the magnitude of the problem and the frustration that these doctors had in relieving the pain. He couldn’t believe it, because he had so much success in resolving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in just a few visits. Seeing an opportunity Dr. Leahy offered a challenge to these doctors. “Send me your 5 worst, carpal tunnel syndrome cases,” and “let me see what I can do. Medical histories on the 5 worst cases revealed that they had been under treatment for at least 2 years. 3 Had experienced at least one surgery and all of them were adversely affected at work


All 5 cases were resolved within 3 visits. They all returned to full-time, pain-free duties at work. That success caused a new surge of interest in ART. Today, ART is considered the standard of care for cumulative trauma disorders in Colorado Springs. I can’t promise ART will do this for you, but 3-6 visits is a non invasive and less expensive option than any other options out there, and results are often fast. You have nothing to lose by trying and you may save yourself from un-needed surgery. It happens in my office every single day.


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